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COVID Dividers

COVID Dividers

Despite a raft of restrictions such as gatherings limitations to 10 people and the workforce staying at home, the government wants to get the economy going again.

As businesses contemplate restarting their operations, the weight of how best to reconfigure workspace layouts is a concern. The designs need to be at minimal cost and deter face-to face interactions. Here at Temporary walls NYC, we are in operation to meet the on-demand office space and school partitioning.

Our temporary walls act as COVID dividers to help create portable room dividers, re-shape office and classroom spaces in bid to maintain the regulations of avoiding crowds in a single space.

Our COVID dividers take the form of;

  • Temporary walls
  • Pressurized walls
  • Free standing Walls

The walls may be

  • L-shaped
  • T-shaped
  • Straight walls
  • Or custom made

Addition features

  • French doors
  • Sliding Doors
  • Sliding windows
  • Sound proof

COVID dividers, a new safety measure

As reopening schools, workplaces and other social gathering areas calls for new safety measures, COVID-dividers are an effective way to maintain the six feet spacing requirement.

These COVID dividers range from separating large spaces with the walls such as dorm rooms and classrooms.

COVID Divider Walls for Schools, Offices, Hospitals, and more

Public spaces like transportation hubs, schools, hospitals, groceries, and restaurants are already promoting social distancing efforts. Temporary walls are now applied as COVID dividers in this these areas.

Temporary walls NYC is offering innovative support during the pandemic to meet increasing demand for social distancing. The essence of reopening your business calls for use of temporary dividers to distance your workers to maintain today’s physical distancing requirements. The walls are applied in offices, schools, and hospitals to separate the populations and create new layouts for office spaces, exams rooms and class rooms. Also, COVID dividers in play help separate your customers during service delivery, and enact a safety physical distance.

Our COVID dividers come in all forms of temporary walls from size, color, materials, and specific requirements. Contact us now for inquires and placement of your order.

Temporary Walls NYC Solutions can supply and install temporary walls for;

  • Schools and Learning institutions
  • Office Environments
  • Home Offices
  • Waiting Areas
  • Call Centers
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Medical Centers
  • Medical Testing Areas
  • Hospital Overflow Areas
  • Pharmacies

Why us

  • We have Years of experience dealing with temporary walls
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  • Located in New York
  • Quick turnround
  • Free quotes

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