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Seamless Finish

Seamless Finish

Seamless Finish

Give your space the gift of that perfect final detail: a seamless finish is the extra step that will truly blend your temporary wall into your existing space, without leaving a trace behind.

There are many reasons to install a pressurized wall. For some, it is simply about the practicality of having an extra room. For this type of customer, a seamless finish may be an additional step that is unnecessary, because it is for aesthetics only; it has no bearing on the usefulness of the wall. For others, however, there is an aesthetic consideration in mind when installing a temporary wall: the wall must disappear into the décor of the space, so that it looks like it was always there. For this customer, a seamless finish is your answer.

Just as it sounds, a seamless finish is an additional final step to the wall-building process that completely disguises the seam of the temporary wall by patching the thin line that runs the length of the new wall on both sides. While our team of experienced installers is careful to always perform a neat and attractive job, there will be a small seam remaining, which will be visible to those who have a careful eye. By filling in the seam, your new wall will run flawlessly from existing wall to temporary wall, with no demarcation in between the two.

As with any part of a pressurized wall, a seamless finish can be painted to match the color of the existing walls.

When deciding between a seamless finish or leaving the wall as-is, ask yourself the following questions:

-Do I plan on staying in this apartment for a significant amount of time?

-Does the slight seam bother me or do I barely notice it?

-Will I be decorating the rest of the apartment?

-Do I plan on leaving up the pressurized wall for a significant amount of time?

The choice of whether or not to add a seamless finish is a matter of personal preference. To discover if a seamless finish is the right choice for you, call Temporary Walls NYC today to find out more.