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Sliding Doors NYC

Sliding Doors NYC

Modern and chic, sliding doors allow for an effortless transition from space to space and enhance any style décor, whether traditional, contemporary or in between. With the addition of sliding doors to your temporary wall, you can create a space that has the practicality you need, while also creating an upscale look that complements your aesthetic.

Many times when a temporary wall is added to divide one space into two, one of the rooms will be left without a window. While you need the space for its usage, you’re likely not looking for a dark room. That is where sliding doors can be the perfect solution. With glass on both sides, the sliding doors act as a way for light from one room to flow naturally and easily into the other.

For those who wish to retain their privacy, the glass of the sliding doors can be frosted, which allows for a permanent private situation, while still lending the modern look and ease of use of a sliding door.

Sliding doors are also a practical option for a small-space solution. While a traditional door needs clearance to be able to open into or out of the room, a sliding door slides right onto the wall itself, requiring very little space to be able to open. Save square footage on clearance and use the space for some of your other needs.

Sliding doors are available in two options: either one door or two.

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