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Soundproofing Walls NYC

Soundproofing Walls NYC

Adding a pressurized wall is a wonderful way to gain privacy and create an additional bedroom or living area. But what if you need more than just a visual separation? At Temporary Walls NYC, our option to add soundproofing to any pressurized wall is an additional feature that is sure to make your temporary wall experience the best it can possibly be.

With the high cost of living in New York, many renters choose to share their apartment with a roommate, so that they can split the cost of rent. But apartments in Manhattan are notoriously small, often with just one bedroom. How can two adults be expected to share a bedroom? With temporary walls, they don’t have to. Convenient, affordable, attractive and easy to install, temporary walls allow one space to be divided into two unique rooms, creating an extra bedroom, office space or living space, and allowing everyone to retain their own privacy.

Yet sometimes, the visual separation is not enough. You need more privacy than that. With our soundproofing option, you can add another layer of privacy and serenity to your temporary wall.

Who can benefit from our soundproofing option?

-Roommates who are looking to host friends or relatives with utmost privacy

-Roommates who are light or sensitive sleepers

-New parents who want to grant their baby a serene and tranquil nursery

-Employee/employer who wants an especially quiet office space

-Commercial business who wants to maintain an extra level of discretion and privacy in the office space

With soundproofing, you can enjoy your space with the freedom of comfort, knowing that you have an added level of cushioning between rooms.

Soundproofing will not affect the look or functionality of your wall. Installed in the inner layers of the temporary wall, soundproofing is added during the construction process and is neatly hidden on the inside.

Is soundproofing just what your space needs? Call Temporary Walls NYC today to find out more.