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Temporary walls are the perfect choice for quickly changing the layout of a space as opposed to traditional options like drywall. Servicing your city with pride for over a decade, Temporary Walls NYC is the premium choice for top-quality, beautifully installed pressurized walls that are 100% guaranteed safe and building compliant.

Apartments, office buildings, and commercial properties in cities like New York City, can be expensive and provide very little space. At Temporary Walls NYC, you can be sure that you get the highest quality product, and a completely hassle-free process from start to finish. Constructed from top-grade materials, our temporary walls are sure to enhance your living experience.

Creating new rooms can be an easy task. When you are ready to move on or simply find you no longer have a need for your temporary wall, we will gladly return to take it down. free of charge. We invite you to experience the Temporary Walls NYC difference with a free consultation today!

BookCase Walls

Bookcase walls offer a great luxury alternative for the privacy a real wall provides, and can be used to create additional rooms. Erected using wood constructed to look like a bookcase which includes a door for privacy, bookcase walls by Temporary Walls NYC are perfect for buildings that do not allow pressurized or freestanding walls.

Free Standing Walls

Free standing walls by Temporary Walls NYC are built with a space between the top of the wall and the ceiling, and a perfect solution for buildings whose codes don’t allow for full floor-to-ceiling walls. A freestanding wall is a great compromise that not only serves the purpose to divide a space, but also look aesthetically appealing.

Pressurized Walls

With the look and feel of a standard, built-in wall, pressurized walls by Temporary Walls NYC conform to your space by the use of tension as opposed to screws. Just as sturdy as a regular wall, our temporary walls are custom created to fit your room to perfection, and can easily be removed without leaving damage behind.

Additional Features

Customize your space with a wide array of luxury additional add-on options like functional windows, closets, bookshelves, beautiful sliding glass doors, and even soundproofing to your temporary walls for a finished look. Temporary Walls NYC can create half-walls and partitions that are ideal for office spaces and showrooms. Let us show you the benefit of our temporary wall system today!