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Glass Doors

Glass Doors

Glass Doors

Glass doors make for a beautiful finishing touch for a pressurized wall. When choosing a pressurized wall, many customers consider the functionality of the project: will this create the separate spaces that I need? Will this inhibit the flow of my existing space? Yet what some people aren’t aware of are the many various and attractive options which can be built into a temporary wall. These not only achieve the functionality that our customers need but often enhance the look and flow of the space from an aesthetic perspective, as well.

The benefits of a glass door in a temporary wall are many. Oftentimes when a space is divided with a pressurized wall, one of the rooms will be left without a window. This problem can be neatly and beautifully solved with a glass door in the temporary wall, allowing the natural light from the window to flow to both rooms, as it did before.

A glass door is also a modern and sophisticated touch to add to the wall, making it look like a purposeful décor decision which enhances the overall look of the space.

Glass doors are an attractive and popular option to add to an office space. With a temporary wall that allows each employee to enjoy their own room and their own privacy, a glass door still maintains a feeling of company camaraderie and accountability. Glass doors allow managers to keep an eye on their employees, and allow for professional office standards to be maintained, even as each member of the company works in separate spaces.

Temporary Walls NYC is now pleased to offer a frosted option in our glass door selection. While clear, non-frosted glass provides for an open, airy flow to the room, frosted glass provides a beautiful compromise that is classy and private. Our new frosted glass option can offer endless possibilities in designing the room of your choice.

Choosing the right door can make all the difference in completing your wall to perfection. At Temporary Walls NYC, we’re happy to guide you towards the finished product of your dreams. Call us today to find out which finishing touches are just right for you.