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French Doors NYC

French Doors NYC

French Doors NYC

Classy and elegant, French doors are a timeless look of sophistication that is always in style. With the addition of French doors to your temporary wall, you can create a custom look that adds a major dose of style to your newly created space.

When looking to divide one space into two, practicality is often the thought at the forefront of customers’ minds. It is often imperative to create an additional space, whether as an extra bedroom, work space or living area. Many customers find that they have either outgrown their existing space or would like to customize their living situation to fit their current needs. A temporary, pressurized wall is the easy and convenient answer to many of these problems. Yet some customers wonder: will the new wall do justice to the space?

While our walls are expertly installed and can be painted or decorated, just like any conventional wall, some customers are looking for a bit more – that touch of “something extra” that will really take their new wall to the next level. With the addition of French doors, you’ll find that your new wall is no longer “just” a divider or partition: it is a show-stopping centerpiece.

In addition to being beautiful, French doors will also brighten both sides of your new spaces by allowing light to flow through from the windows on either side. When you don’t need the privacy of the separation, the French doors can be opened to allow both spaces to feel bigger and more spacious.

French doors can really up the ante of your temporary wall project.

Thinking of adding French doors to your pressurized wall? Want to increase the sophistication of an existing area? Speak to a Temporary Wall NYC representative today to find out how French doors can be incorporated into your space.