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Adding a window to your temporary wall may just be the finishing touch that turns your space into the perfect custom area for you.

Oftentimes when one space is divided into two with a temporary wall, one of the rooms is left without a window. While in some cases, this will not be a concern, other times, it would be nice to allow the flow of natural light to enter both sides of the temporary wall. By installing a window into the pressurized wall, both sides of the space can enjoy the light as before, while still maintaining the privacy of two separate spaces.

A window may be the solution to allow your temporary wall to meet your building’s codes. Many buildings allow for the installation of a pressurized wall only if there will be a window left in both of the newly created rooms. When a space has only one window to begin with, or has windows on only one side, this is often not achievable. But some buildings will allow for the insertion of a window into the temporary wall itself to meet this regulation, and find this an acceptable way to install the wall up to code.

How will a window enhance your temporary wall?

-Allow in additional light. Natural light is always more powerful and beautiful than artificial light.

-Enhance the aesthetic of the space. A window adds an element of interest to the wall that makes it appear custom.

-Open up the space visually. When dividing one space into two, size is often a concern. Adding a window can help both rooms feel bigger.

At Temporary Walls NYC, we offer windows in a variety of sizes and finishes. We’re happy to help you find the window that will be just right for your space.

Now offering frosted windows! Temporary Walls NYC is proud to announce that we have recently added frosted glass to our window offerings. Frosted glass has many benefits: find the perfect balance between adding in natural light and retaining privacy.

Thinking of adding a window to your pressurized wall? Get a free quote today by calling Temporary Walls NYC.