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Flex Wall NYC

Flex Wall NYC

Flex Walls NYC

A flex in an apartment is a term which means that the apartment has the space to install a temporary wall, or a room divider. Some apartment buildings will require that an apartment be a certain size in order to divide it. The room in which the divider will be going must meet the minimal size requirements for the building code.

In many cases, it is the common living area which will be divided, allowing it to accommodate an additional bedroom, while leaving some of the existing space as a common living area. If the living area is large enough to accommodate both the living space and the bedroom, it is called a “flex.” This term can be used in many other situations as well, in both residential and commercial spaces.

A flex wall will be any temporary, pressurized wall which is used to divide the flex space. This can be whichever type of wall is best to fit the space in question: a seamless pressurized wall, a pressurized wall with seams, a freestanding wall, a wall with windows or glass encasements, and any one of the many temporary wall options.

By nature, a flex wall is flexible: you pick the one that works best for your space. Flex walls are the ideal choice for renters of all kinds.

With the exorbitant cost of living in New York City, renters often find themselves hard-pressed to cover the high cost of their monthly rent on their single paycheck alone. They would love to find a roommate and split the cost, but that would mean they would have to share their bedroom – not a very enticing option for most adults. That’s where a flex wall comes in. By dividing the existing space into separate bedrooms, renters gain the ability to add a roommate and alleviate the rent cost, but still retain their coveted privacy.

Flex walls are also used by parents or parents-to-be who wish to add a bedroom for their growing family, as well as those who wish to create a dedicated work space for themselves. With the ability to add a window or a closet, a newly created space can easily look purposefully incorporated into the design of your existing apartment, and visitors will never be able to tell that it wasn’t always there.

In a commercial space, flex walls can be used in dozens of creative and practical ways. Divide a large space into multiple offices or cubicles; create dressing rooms in a retail store; enclose an area with glass for a modern meeting room; install half-walls for visual separation between areas that function in different ways; hide unsightly storage areas from customers; and many, many more options.

Get started on the space of your dreams! Call Temporary Walls NYC today to plan the flex wall that fits your needs.