What is a flex wall? - A flex wall is a temporary wall
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What is a flex wall?

What is a flex wall?

A flex wall is a temporary wall that is installed with the use of pressure and can be placed in many different types of existing spaces to divide one space into two.

While conventional walls will rely on screws and other hardware to secure the wall to the structure, flex walls rely on the pressure system. Just as sturdy and secure as a conventional wall, a flex wall is easy to remove and causes no damage to the existing structure, making it the perfect choice for a wide variety of renters and commercial business owners.

Who uses a flex wall?

Roommates. With the high cost of living in NYC, many renters find that they can’t afford to rent a one-bedroom apartment on their paycheck alone. But the idea of sharing a bedroom with a roommate is not very appealing to many adults. With the installation of a flex wall, roommates can enjoy the privacy of their own bedrooms, while sharing the cost of the one-bedroom apartment’s rent.

At-home workers. Whether for a full-time, work-from-home job, or simply for catching up on office work after-hours, it’s nice to enjoy a private office space that is dedicated to working. Yet many find that they can’t dedicate an entire bedroom to this luxury. With the addition of a flex wall, you can carve out a private work space from an existing living space and enjoy the functionality of both.

Growing families. Don’t want the kids to share a room anymore? Have a new baby on the way? An extra bedroom would be nice, but who wants to deal with a big move? Using a flex wall to divide an existing space is the easy, affordable solution for parents who want to grant their children the gift of a bedroom of their own or create a cozy nursery space.

Businesses. Add cubicles, partition walls, glass dividers, full walls and more to create the work environment just right for the needs of your company.

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