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What is a pressurized wall?

What is a pressurized wall?

A pressurized wall is a temporary wall installed with the use of pressure, as opposed to screws, that looks and functions in the same way as a conventional wall, but can be easily removed without causing damage to the existing building.

A pressurized wall is also commonly referred to a temporary wall, and comes in many different styles and types, all of which are customizable to fit the needs of the particular customer and space.

Who uses a pressurized wall?

Renters looking to lower the high cost of New York City rent by sharing their apartment with a roommate. Convert a one-bedroom apartment into a two-bedroom by adding a wall that creates an extra bedroom space, and retain your privacy while adding a roommate.

Renters seeking a private office space in their own apartment. Whether it’s a studio space, a one-bedroom apartment or larger apartment whose bedrooms are all occupied, a pressurized wall can allow for the creation of a unique work space within your existing apartment.

Parents-to-be who don’t want to move, but need to make room for Baby. Whether you love your building or don’t want to increase your rent, making room for a little one doesn’t have to include a moving truck. Divide an existing space into two parts to create the perfect cozy nursery.

Businesses who need separate office spaces for employees. Add cubicles, partition walls, glass dividers, full walls and more to create the work environment just right for the needs of your company.

Retail stores that need to accommodate their customers. Create dressing rooms, separate a storage area for unsightly deliveries, add function and more to turn your retail location into the hottest store on the block.

With quick and easy installation, a pressurized wall can be in place in a matter of hours, and it comes down just as a when it’s time to say goodbye.

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