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Temporary Walls NYC

Temporary Walls NYC

Temporary walls are a renter’s best friend and the most practical solution for meeting New York’s high cost of living head-on. A temporary wall is a solidly constructed room divider that looks and functions like a regular wall but is installed using pressure – as opposed to hardware – to attach it to the existing structure.

Just like any standard wall, a temporary wall can be built to any size or specification and is completely sturdy and reliable. They come down easily and leave no marks on the existing walls.

Users can enjoy their temporary wall in much the same way that they would utilize a standard wall: pictures up to 25 pounds can be hung, decorations can be added, and the wall can be painted any color. Additions to the wall are also possible, such as windows, French doors, closets, sliding pocket doors and even built-in shelves.

Temporary walls are a convenient and cost-effective choice for city residents who wish to help alleviate the high cost of living in Manhattan. By turning a one-bedroom apartment into two bedrooms with a temporary wall, renters can split the cost of their apartment with a roommate, with each enjoying their own private bedroom. A single renter can also take advantage of a temporary wall to turn a studio apartment into a one-bedroom apartment, granting them privacy, while adding a living space that opens up their apartment for guests. Parents-to-be can enjoy the convenience of adding a temporary wall to their apartment so that they can create a sweet nursery space for their little one without having to move.

Temporary walls are also an effective option for commercial spaces. Create a private office, designate a specific work room, carve out a meeting area or create a showroom area by installing a wall that divides your current space into two separate ones.

When the lease is up or circumstances change, simply call Temporary Walls NYC to schedule your wall removal. With one quick process, your space will be back to the way you found it – no harm done.

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