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Temporary Walls

Customize your space with a temporary wall that gives you maximum usability while you’re there, and can be easily removed when you’re ready to go!

Free Standing Walls

Install a wall that meets your building’s codes by choosing a free-standing wall. Built with a gap between the wall and the ceiling, these walls typically conform to even strict building regulations.

Pressurized Walls

Add a wall to your space with the use of pressure, in place of screws, to gain the wall you need without causing damage to the building.

Featured projects

Most popular of our works.

Temporary Walls nyc (2)  Temporary Wall Temporary Walls nyc 2

Temporary Wall

Seamless Temporary wall with double frosted glass doors.

Pressurized Walls  Pressurized Wall Pressurized Walls

Pressurized Wall

Seamless Pressurized wall with double glass doors and two windows.

Temporary Walls nyc (1)  Flex Wall Temporary Walls nyc 1

Flex Wall

Seamless wall with sound proofing and a sliding window for ventilation.

Room Divider  Room Divider Room Divder

Room Divider

L shaped Pressurized wall with seams and soundproofing.

Elizabeth DeLuca  Elizabeth DeLuca 37508090 230646037576022 4456446633126658048 n

I am a student in NYU and wanted to live off campus with two of my girl friends. When we went apartment hunting we found the coolest brownstone that was a two bedroom flex. Without Temporary Walls NYC there is no chance this apartment would have worked so perfectly. The price they gave us was very reasonable and the installers did an amazing job.

Elizabeth DeLuca

Steven Sigalas  Steven Sigalas Sara Maria

My wife and I have lived in NYC for ten years now. We could afford the high cost of living with one kid but now on our second, it was just too much money for a three bedroom. We spoke to a friend who recommended we use a pressurized wall and turn our dining room into a third bedroom. We found Temporary Walls NYC online and from start to finish they were spectacular. We got a quote within an hour of filling out the free quote form and install was just as fast.

Steven Sigalas

James Sazo  James Sazo James Sazo

I can honestly say these guys made our move much much easier. The rent in NYC is crazy expensive. My roommates and I are all recent college graduates on a budget. We had our eyes set on Manhattan as thats were we all got jobs so we got a T-wall installed, Temporary Walls NYC did a sick job, thanks, guys.

James Sazo

Sarah Domine  Sarah Domine Sarah Domine

We used Temporary Walls NYC to convert our loft condo in SOHO from a two bed bedroom into a three.They came on time, did an amazing job and left the place spotless.I have had my fair share of bad experiences with contractors so to have things run so smoothly was quite refreshing!

Sarah Domine

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Are Pressurized Walls Safe?

For those who are considering whether pressurized walls are the right choice for their residence or business, safety is one of the factors that often comes up. On the surface, a pressurized wall may seem to have obvious safety issues because it is not permanent and is held in place by simple pressure and not…

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How Temporary Pressurized Walls are Built

You probably have heard about pressurized walls, but may not know about the materials that are used, how they are constructed, and how they are installed. For those who are thinking about creating another room inside their residence or business, a pressurized wall is the right answer for several reasons. How They are Constructed A…

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