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BookCase Walls

BookCase Walls

When you are living in a small space, every detail counts. Bookcase walls are a very special type of temporary walls. Bookcase walls allow you to create a smooth transition between spaces, and looks like a part of the house itself, allowing it to beautifully blend in for an overall finished appearance.

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Bookcase Temporary Walls

Erected using wood constructed to look like a bookcase which include a door for privacy, bookcase walls perfectly divide your space and beautifully blends the area together. At Temporary Walls NYC, we build your bookcase wall to your exact specifications and take it back down free of charge when you are ready.

Bookcase walls help you create a better and airy space to live, while also controlling unwanted clutter in small living spaces. Bookcase walls are not only useful in organizing your collection of books, but you can also incorporate some decorative pieces on them to add a bit of elegance to any room.

Bookcase walls are free standing, and act as a piece of furniture allowing you to create an additional room. This makes temporary bookcase walls building friendly and accepted by all landlords in New York City. Temporary Walls NYC is an industry leader who makes each wall customized to each and every customer need.

Bookcase walls separate spaces with style and bring boring spaces to life. Whether you are a looking to create a room divider in a space for the kids bedroom, or an office looking to add style by dividing an area, these walls are the quick, affordable and unique way that adds space to any room.

Bookcase walls are alternative for buildings that do not allow partitions like pressurized walls or freestanding walls. With different options available, and a number of ways to use them, these walls can make an unusable space enriched with design and style. We invite you to experience the Temporary Walls NYC difference with a free consultation today!